For over 35 years, Niagara Adventure Theatre, formerly known as IMAX Niagara, engaged visitors and enriched their Niagara experience through an informative and entertaining introduction to the mighty Falls. Now, visitors to Niagara Falls, Ontario have a new convenient location to experience the film that has been entertaining and educating visitors about the amazing history of Niagara Falls.

The Niagara: Legends of Adventure movie offers guests a window into Niagara Falls’ incredible true stories including the death-defying daredevils that attempted to challenge the roaring and treacherous waters. The theatre offers a comfortable, intimate, and fully accessible setting to enjoy the film. We combine education and entertainment in one film, showcasing the Falls and the many awe‐inspiring stories over the years. Informative and entertaining ‐ as the ideal first stop of your Niagara Falls visit, your adventure starts here!